The official language of Manipur is Manipuri language, which is a Tibeto-Burman language spoken widely across Manipur.

Apart from this, Hindi and Bengali are also spoken to a large extent, along with a number of dialects of the languages spoken by regional tribal groups.


Manipur is home to many different tribes and cultural groups – all of whom added to the state’s culture and traditions over the years, making it diverse, colorful and unique in its own way.

Manipur’s women are usually traditionally dresses in outfits known as Innaphi and Phanek which are the most common, especially during traditional occasions. They also have a special skirt-like clothing which has the designs of horizontal stripes in black and white.

Manipuri dance is an integral part of the state’s culture, and provides a visual treat with its colourful costumes and amazing moves. It is an ancient dance form, which has now become famous across India - and is definitely something to watch out for when you’re in Manipur.

Various different festivals are also celebrated across Manipur, such as: Kut, Gang Ngai, Yaosang, Kwak Jatra, by the tribal Villagers in the state especially.

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