The official languages of Tripura state are Bengali and Kokborok. Bengali is predominant in the state, followed by Kokborok which is spoken by Tripuris (the locals of Tripura, who don’t speak Bengali). Hindi is also spoken and understood to a large extent here.

Besides these, some minority languages like Chakma, Falam (a Burmese language), Garo (of Meghalaya) and Manipuri (of Manipur) too are spoken by some percentages of Tripura’s population.


Tripura’s culture is a diverse mix of different traditions brought in by the diverse population living here. Music, dances, art, colourful and traditional attires and festive celebrations are part of this culture.

Tripuri people wear a traditional clothing, especially during special occasions here.  This comprises of a piece of clothing called “rignai” for the lower half of the body and 2 parts of upper body clothing called “risa” and “rikutu”.

Music and dances are integral part of the tribal people in Tripura, and they use unique musical instruments like Sarinda, Chongpreng, and Sumui (a kind of flute) to create their music. Each tribal community has their own songs and dances matching those, which are usually performed during weddings and festive occasions.

Bamboo and cane handicrafts are also popular here, and one can find various pretty artefacts made of these to purchase and take home from here.

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