Warangal Fort

Warangal Fort is a historical fort located in Warangal District, Telangana , India.

The fort is included in the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and was submitted by the Indian government to UNESCO in the year 2010.


Warangal fort was built in the 13th century (which was during the Kakatiya dynasty rule in the Warangal/Andhra region), the Warangal Fort is one of the most important historical places in Warangal and Andhra Pradesh state.

This was built during a time when the capital of the ruling Kakatiya dynasty was shifted from a town called Hanamkonda to Warangal city.


Warangal Fort lies within three concentric circular walls with defensive fortifications, and four paths of decorative stone gateways are built for it. These gateways are about 30 feet in height, and are known as ‘Kirti Torana’ (the gateways of glory) of Kakatiyas. These gateways are surrounded by three-layered fortified walls, which are built for its protection.

The fort has four ornamental gates also known as Kakatiya Kala Thoranam, that originally formed the entrances to a Shiva temple – which is destroyed and the ruins only remain now. The fort’s Kirti Torana gates are permanently set according to the prime points that lead to the point where this temple existed.

The fort building has a total of 45 towers and some pillars, which all cover an area of about 19km. The premises consist of a temple dedicated to Mother Earth called ‘Swayambhudevi Alayam’ which is in the middle of the fort and is known for its sculptures.

Additional Information for Visitors

Warangal fort is situated at a distance of about 4.7 km (around 2.9 miles) from Warangal airport, which is a domestic airport (for travelling to cities within India). The nearest airport for international travel is Rajiv Gandhi international airport in Hyderabad , situated 160 km (99.4 miles) away.

Warangal fort can be reached from the nearest railway station (The Warangal Railway Station) or bus terminals (City Bus Station, Warangal or Fort Road Shiva Nagar Bus Stop) within minutes by road.

The Warangal fort is open to visitors from 10 am to 7 pm on all days of the week.

The entry fee for the fort is INR 15 for Indian citizens and INR 200 for Foreign Tourists. Besides this, if a visitor would like to use a camera to click pictures or videos, an additional fee of INR 25 is applicable.

Warangal Fort

This architectural masterpiece of Kakatiya dynasty, this piece of art was constructed in the 13th century by King Ganapatideva and his daughter Rani Rudrama in Warangal, Telangana. Now in ruins, the three layers of fortification ensured absolute safety to the fort and the impressive craftmanship and breathtaking artistry can be seen on several sculptures, stone work, etc., which compels the visitors to come back again and again.

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