Tripura State Tribal Museum

Dive into the culture and the ethnicity of the state of Tripura and have a look at its 19 tribal cultures through costumes, utensils, handicrafts, instruments, and videos about them. About one-third of the state’s population is tribal and this museum is the best place to gain insight about them.


Information for Visitors

Timing: 10 am to 5:30 pm (2nd and 4th Saturday closed)

Location: Tribal Research and Cultural Institute Agartala, Lake Chowmuhani.

Entry Fees: Entry is free.

About the Museum

Situated within the grounds of the Tribal Research and Cultural Institute at Agartala, the Tripura State Tribal Museum is kind of a whole life-size book into the lives and culture of the tribal communities of Tripura. The museum was established on 23rd September 2009 with a vision of promoting and protecting the tribal heritage and culture of Tripura. The visitors are welcomed with a video wall displaying the rich and diverse tribal communities of Tripura. The wall showcases beautiful visuals of the art and craft of the 19 tribal communities of Tripura which casts a spell on the visitors to crave for more.

The visitors are then greeted with the life-size dioramas of tribal people following the diverse geography of Tripura. The dioramas showcase tribal people traveling from hilltops to plateaus to fertile plains in colorful costumes and also the rituals of Tripura tribes to provide a glimpse into the social life, structure, and occupation of these communities. Along with the diorama you can also see traditional musical instruments, fishing and hunting tools, jewelry, textiles, and household and kitchen items made of bamboo and wood. Every item on the showcase attracts visitors with its charming beauty and aesthetic appeal even if it is an object of everyday use.

The gallery also has an auditorium with a projector screen where short films and interactive documentaries are taken of the tribal people which takes the visitors beyond the four walls of the museum and into the life of the tribal community. The kiosks showcase a fascinating account of the bamboo and weaving craft tradition of the tribal community which encourages the visitors to explore the state and take a good look at these crafts and the lush green serene environment through their own eyes.

To learn about the historic and beautiful state of Tripura and its landscape, the Tripura State Tribal Museum is an ideal place to start your journey and gain first-hand insight into the region and Tripura’s ethnic matrix.

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