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Situated in the beautiful Alappuzha district of Kerala sits Marari Beach with its scintillating beauty and stunning panoramic views and is considered one of the best places to spend some leisure time with your friends and family. Named after the local village ‘Maraikullum’ where the primary occupation of the villagers is fishing, the beach offers a serene environment to let yourself loose and you can also glimpse into the daily activity of the fishermen catching the fishes.

The beach is flanked by towering palm and coconut trees with shining golden sand and pristine blue water that makes up a perfect visual to enjoy. Although it is the same as any typical beach, the mesmerizing aura that surrounds Marari Beach is enough to make you forget all your worries. If you get a chance to visit the beach in August, you will be able to witness the snake boat race and many other adventure activities.

Marari beach is a great change from the overcrowded beaches in the city of Kerala which is gifted with plenty of beautiful beaches. The secluded beach offers you the deserved time-off and lets you enjoy at a relaxing pace. The nearby fishing villages have many areas for outings and camping and you can also interact with the villagers and know more about their day-to-day lives.

The serene and romantic ambiance of the beach is the perfect place to have deep soulful conversations with your partner without the concern of overcrowding or anyone listening. The many yoga and massage centers near the beach also attract tourists from all over India and even from other countries to visit the beach. If you have planned a trip to Kerala then Marari Beach must be on your itinerary. What can be more enticing than sitting on the blonde carpet of soft golden sand and witnessing the stunning sunset on the vast horizon and forgetting about the busy and frantic life back home?

Things to Do in Marari Beach



Dive deep into the vast blue Arabian Sea and swim away from all your stress from the hectic day-to-day life of the urban cities. You can also take long peaceful walks on the shore with the waves lashing on o your feet and taking in the enchanting surroundings of the beach.



The scenic beauty of the beach with the pristine blue waters, golden stretch of sand dotted with coconut trees, and combined with the dazzling sunset is enough for anyone with even a mild or no interest in photography to take out their cameras and capture the beautiful panorama of the nature.



Several watersports such as parasailing, deep-sea diving, water skiing, snorkeling, and even deep-sea fishing are available for the adventure freaks. You can also enjoy surfing, jet skiing, and scuba diving but only after certain training and ensuring that you are well equipped to take unanticipated tides.


Devour Food

Treat your buds with some mouth-watering seafood and other delicacies in and around the beach. All the restaurants and eateries serve coastal food and other Indian and international cuisines that will delight you to your core.


Resort Spas

There are many resorts just outlining the beach that have spa facilities for every visitor. While visiting this beach, you must take some time for yourself and relish in the rejuvenating and relaxing massage.

Places to Visit Near Marari Beach

Marari beach is a bliss to those seeking peace and serenity and while visiting here, you can also explore around the area as there are many exceptional places in the vicinity looking for your attention.

1. Maraikullum Shiva Temple

2. Thumpolly Beach

3. Aroor Coastal Village

4. The Dutch Palace

5. St. Francis Church

Places to Eat and Drink Near Marari Beach

These are some of the best restaurants near Marari Beach which serves delectable food and refreshing beverages to soothe your food palate and make your day memorable.

1. Cafe Cloud 9

2. Cafe Littoral

3. Flamingo Marari Restaurant

4. Carol Days Restaurant

5. Marari Beach Resort

How to Reach Marari Beach?


Best Time to Visit Marari Beach

Owing to the hot and humid weather of Kerala, is might be unsuitable for you to visit the beach during the summers. The monsoon also plays as a spoilsport and create hinderances while preventing you to enjoy the beach to the fullest.

So, it is advisable to visit the beach from November to March when the weather is a bit sunny but still pleasant and friendly. You can lounge on the beach and engage in other water activities without worrying about the scorching heat.

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