Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Museum

If you wish to visit a place with a soothing and serene ambiance that will help you find your inner peace, this is your queue to visit the divine Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Museum. Situated in Agra, Brahma Kumaris Museum is a meditation and spiritual center headed by Brahma Kumaris herself and is devoted to spiritual love and wisdom.


Information for Visitors

Timing: Open all days from 8 am to 6 pm

Location: Taj Nagri Phase-1, Tajganj, Agra.

Entry Fees: No entry fees.

About the Museum

Located in Tajganj area in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Museum is a renowned spiritual and meditation center and is a splendid conception of the Brahma Kumaris. This famous museum in Agra is located close to Taj Mahal and was established with a purpose to share the experience of God’s Love. The museum has on display a rich collection of art, mainly of religious worth and the beautiful exhibits at the museum are based on man’s spiritual quest. The place is not just for spiritual seekers but also ideal for art and culture buffs as well.

All the members of this foundation are religiously inclined people whose main aim is to promote and share the realization that God is their father. The museum is designed in various shapes, forms, and colors to elucidate the different physical going on in the world. You can meditate here all day or listen to the spiritual teachings of the gurus. With the famous Taj Mahal nearby and the ongoing need for peace of mind, the museum is always filled with visitors throughout the year. These visitors are mainly the people who have interest in spirituality and want to gain more insight. Apart from them, some people come out of curiosity and some want to just visit the artifacts in the museum.

Overall, it is a beautiful divine journey for al the people who visit the Spiritual Museum and a special kind of adventure of a different nature. Whenever you visit Agra make sure you visit the Spiritual Museum of Brahma Kumaris to find some solace in the humdrum of life and for some peace.

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