Vechaar Utensils Museum

A museum that takes you to the olden days with the display of mud and metal utensils such as brass, copper, bronze, zinc, and German silver. Set within the premises of traditional Vishala Restaurant, Vechaar Museum of Utensils is one of the inspiring, informative, and fascinating museums in Ahmedabad.


Information for Visitors

Timings: 3pm – 10:30pm (Monday closed)

Location: Opposite APMN Market, Vasna, Vishala, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Fees: Adults Rs20, Children Rs10, Foreigners Rs50, Rs100 for Camera/Mobile

About the Museum

One of the famous tourist attractions in Ahmedabad is the one-of-a-kind Vechaar Museum of Utensils, known for an incredible and stunning collection of invaluable utensils, nutcrackers, and nut cutters. The Vechaar Museum is a part of Vishala, a restaurant established in 1978 by Surendra Patel who is also the managing trustee of Vechaar (Vishala Environmental Center for Heritage of Art, Architecture, and Research) Charitable Trust. All the utensils displayed in the museum are collected by Surendra Patel from various towns, villages, factories, and vintage dealers. By the year 1980, he had collected around 2000 utensils and in 1982 decided to showcase them to people in a museum of his own collection.

Vechaar Museum of Utensils is situated away from the conundrum of city life and from the noise of traffic. The museum is hut-shaped and all the utensils are kept openly free to be seen and touched. The assortment of utensils includes 3500 different equipment such as pot, pitcher, nutcrackers, betel boxes, ritual accessories, lamps, and incense burners. The museum has two galleries, one has metal utensils and the other has net crackers. In the gallery with metal utensils, visitors can see utensils made of distinct elements such as stainless, steel, wood, mud, glass, copper, bronze, brass, German silver, and zinc, which have been collected from several different countries in a span of time. The highlight of the museum is the exceptionally crafted pots that were created without the help of any machines and certified degree to produce such masterpieces.

The nutcracker section of the museum displays sculptures of different sizes. This gallery draws the attention of many visitors because of the nutcrackers made of different shapes like birds, animals, angels, and several dancing poses. Utensils made of elements such as mud and silver represent the changing needs of mankind and the development in the making of utensils. Visit this unusual museum to witness the tools that were used by the old communities of Gujarat. VECHAAR Charitable Trust is also planning to organize craft workshops to give the new age craftsman an opportunity to show their skills for the traditional craft development projects for schools and colleges.

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