Gaffar Market

Ghaffar Market is a popular and old market place in India’s capital city Delhi. The market is named after an Indian freedom fighter, Ghaffar Khan.


It is known to be popular electronic market place in the city, with shops and stores selling all kinds of mobile phones and other electronic goods. It also has a few shops selling other things like clothes, and accessories, but these are not too popular with people, who usually come here with the main purpose of buying electronic goods.

Recently a plan was proposed by the North Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) to re-develop the Ghaffar Marketand rehabilitate shopkeepers to a different location, as the market and its buildings were reported to be in a dilapidated and dangerous condition.


Ghaffar market was established in the year 1962. It was then just a single-storeyed market that sold jewellery, crockery, clothes and household (utility) items, and eventually shops selling electronics also started adding to it, later even surpassing the number of the other shops.

In subsequent years, Ghaffar market went on to become one of the most famous landmarks of Delhi, and today the market is best known for selling the latest technology and electronics like mobile phones, electronics & PC computers at wholesale prices.

Shopping at Gaffar Market, Delhi

If you are in Delhi and want to go for shopping, your first destination should be Gaffar Market at Karol Bagh which houses shops for all your needs and desires. Be it a busted phone, accessories, jewelry, TV, sunglasses, bags, or literally anything, Gaffar Market is the treasure chest of things to shop right from your hair pin to a brand-new TV set. Here’s what you can expect in your trip to Gaffar Market in Delhi.

Additional Info for Visitors

Ghaffar market is located near Karol Bagh area in Delhi. It is open to shoppers from 10 AM to 10 PM on all days of the week.

Visitors can reach the place by road (through private vehicle or public modes of transport in the city like bus, or cab or auto-rickshaw).

Another option is to take the Delhi Metro - The nearest metro station to Ghaffar Market is the Karol Bagh Metro station, lying on the blueline of Delhi Metro.

Gaffar Market

A mini world with all the luxuries of daily lifestyle, Gaffar Market is a hub for all things electrical and hardware along with a healthy dose of vibrant clothes, accessories, and a plethora of other extravaganza.

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