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Come along in the fascinating journey of India’s election procedure and its development over the century by the means of photographs, journals, books, artifacts, and references displayed in the Election Museum in New Delhi. Established in 2016, the Election Museum is a great place for history buffs or people who want to have a knowledge about the electoral legacy of largest democracy of the world.


Information for Visitors

Timing: 11 am to 4 pm (Saturday-Sunday closed)

Location: Old St. Stephen’s College Building, Kashmere Gate, New Delhi

Entry Fees: Free

About the Museum

Make a visit to the Election Museum of India and walk down memory lane about the election process of the world’s greatest and biggest democracy. Located in Delhi, the Election Museum is an ideal place to get an understanding of the Indian electoral legacy by the means of well-preserved exhibitions. Founded on 18th October 2016, the museum is situated in the proximity of the Chief Electoral Officer’s office and was established with an objective to impart knowledge about the election process of India and to commemorate the country’s rich electoral heritage.

The museum is diversified into four segments – Library, Audio-Visual Room, Photo Gallery, and Electoral Management section that together displays a rare and wide-ranging assortment of over 200 archived photoshoots, maps, artifacts, and references to demonstrate the electoral drive of the country to its visitors. The library in the museum houses a rich collection of books and journals that throw light on the Indian election and its procedure which are available in both Hindi and English language for staff and visitors as well. The second section is the Audio-Video exhibition, which is one of the highlights of the museum that showcases a documentary called ‘’the Great Experiments’’, which covers the first general election of Independent Indian held in 1952 along with the ballot boxes used at that time. It also exhibits the development of the Indian election process through a collection of several ballot boxes, Electronic Voting Machines, and Voter-Verifiable Paper Audit Trail.

Next is the Electoral Management Section which displays information about each and every aspect of the election procedure along with an interesting display of an electoral poll of 1923 from the pre-independence election. Apart from these sections, another section dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi’s idea of democracy has been put up to entice the visitors and make the museum worth the visit. Since its establishment, the museum is serving as an educational Centre, particularly for kids or whoever wishes to gain insight into the election procedure of the world’s greatest democratic country.

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