Jalgaon is a city in the west Indian state of Maharashtra. The city is also known as "Banana City" as the region contributes to about two-thirds of Maharashtra state’s banana production.


Jalgaon is an interesting place with various attractions that include ecological, architectural, religious and historical. Some of the popular attractions to check out here are:

  • Hatnur Dam (a reservoir and dam)
  • Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Bhauche Udyan Park
  • Waghur Dam
  • Omkareshwar Mandir
  • Shree Manudevi
  • Ecchapurti Ganesh Temple
  • Swinging Towers of Farkande
  • Patna Devi


Some of the best museums to visit in the city are:

  • Gandhi Research Foundation –    Also known as Gandhi Teerth, it is a research institution and museum dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, the father of India, who fought for and won back India’s freedom from the British. This is the only popular museum in Jalgaon – and is definitely worth a visit.


Jalgaon’s population consists of a majority of Hindus, so most Hindu festivals are celebrated here grandly. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Ganesh Chaturthi –   A significant festival of Maharashtra, celebrated in the month of August-September; Lord Ganesh is worshipped during this festival.
  • Diwali –  The festival of lights; a Hindu festival celebrated all over India in the month of October or November. 
  • Holi – The festival of colours; a Hindu festival celebrated all over India in the month of March.


Following are some good shopping spots in Jalgaon city:

  • Kelkar Market
  • Jawahar Market
  • Golani Market
  • Deshpande Market
  • Bhaskar Market


  • Khandesh Central
  • Kirti Mall
  • Yash Plaza
  • Anglo Shopping Complex


Some popular foods of Jalgaon that are a must-try are:

  • Khandeshi Style Buttermilk – A special buttermilk that is made and available exclusively in Jalgaon’s restaurants and eateries; adding garlic, ginger, coconut and turmeric and blending with Bengal gram flour, water and yogurt (curd).
  • Khandeshi Khichdi – A one pot meal made of rice, lentils, tomatoes, onions and few other vegetables and spices and served hot with ghee, curd or butter.
  • Vaangi Bharit – A curry made out of eggplant, spring onions, garlic, green chillies, coriander leaves and oil - the eggplant is directly roasted on fire and then mashed and cooked along other ingredients.
  • Jalebi – A deep fried spiral sweet (made of fermented refined flour batter), dipped in saffron flavored sugar syrup.
  • Chakli – A crisp spiral snack made from a thick batter of mixed flour and water, deep fried in oil and seasoned with nuts (mostly sesame or carom seeds).


Some good restaurants in Jalgaon to try these and a lot more are:

  • Naivedya Restaurant
  • Hotel Sayali Restaurant
  • Hotel Rama
  • Grappe’s Restro & Bar
  • Hotel Murli Manohar
  • Royal Cook Restaurant


Here are some of the best hotels to stay in Jalgaon:

  • Hotel KP Pride
  • Hotel Silver Palace
  • Mahendra Hotel
  • Hotel Tourist Resort
  • Hotel Minerva
  • Hotel Madhur
  • Hotel Raj Residency
  • Hotel Arya Nivas


Jalgaon also has a few good bars and pubs for people who look for some lively entertainment during late hours. Here are some of the best ones:

  • 19 Degree - The Lounge
  • Grappe’s Restro & Bar
  • Maitri Amruttulya


  • Jalgaon STD Code – 0257 (to be used before dialling numbers from a device that is not locally registered)
  • Police Control room – 100
  • Fire emergency – 101
  • Accident helpline (Medical emergencies) – 108
  • Crime Stopper – 1090
  • Women Helpline - 1091


Marathi is the main language of Jalgaon.


  • Welcome - Tumcha svagat aso
  • How are you? - Tu kas ahes
  • What's your name? - Tujha nav kay ahe
  • Where are you from? - Apaṇ kothale ahat?
  • Good morning - Su-prabhat
  • Have a nice day - Sukhi raha

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