Kannur, Kerala

In the state of Kerala, in southern India, is the coastal city of Kannur. It once used as a port for trade. The city's significant involvement in the spice trade is demonstrated by enduring structures like the 16th-century St. Angelo Fort, which was formerly held by European colonial forces.

Places to visit

  • Payyabalam Beach : The Arabian Sea's foaming white waves and glittering golden sand pearls beautify Payyabalam Beach. Payyabalam Beach, the jewel of Kannur and one of the numerous stunning beaches of Kerala, exudes an extraordinarily serene and welcoming vibe. After a stressful week, unwind at this magnificent beach and allow its regal beauty and calming aura to fascinate you. A tiny crossover bridge erected across a small canal is used to access the beach.The coastline is adorned with palm trees and casuarinas, which are all different shades of green. This spotless golden beach is fantastic for boating, swimming, and thrilling adventure activities, as well as for rejuvenating oneself.
  • Distance: Payyabalam Beach is 4 kilometers away from Kannur

  • St. Angelos Fort : St. Angelos Fort is unquestionably one of Kannur's most well-liked and regularly visited sites, and for many good reasons. This fortress's sleek yet archaic design exudes undiluted elegance and tremendous might. St. Angelos Fort, which is situated on an island in the Arabian Sea, has an unrestricted, panoramic perspective of the scene that is produced when magnetic waves and blue waters combine. Additionally, it looks out over the captivating Mopilla Bay, a natural port. The main reasons St. Angelo's Fort is well-known are its captivating past and the fascinating stories it has to tell. Alfonso de Albuquerque was imprisoned by the Portuguese Viceroy, Dom Francisco de Almeida, who did not want to cede control of the country. You can practically visualize the conflicts that this imposing stronghold has witnessed as you walk around its walls. You may tour the barracks, an old chapel, and the gravestones of the men who died defending the fort. The fort is near to Kannur's first lighthouse, which adds to its already mesmerizing splendor.
  • Distance: St. Angelos Fort is 3.2 kilometers away from Kannur

How to Reach

  • By Air - Regular flights are not a great way to get from Kannur to other significant cities in the nation. Calicut has the closest airport, which is located 102 kilometers away.
  • By Train - Regular trains to Kannur are readily available from other significant cities around the nation.

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