Manori Beach


Manori beach is a quiet little beach tucked away in the village of Manori situated in northern Mumbai. With lesser crowd as compared to the more popular beaches in Mumbai (like Juhu and Chowpatty) this beach is a perfect weekend getaway from the hectic city life and is also a great picnic spot.


Manori Beach is sometimes referred to as “Mini-Goa”, because apart from the beautiful white sand banks, this beach area comprises of many quaint and beautiful churches. There is also a thick grove of cashew trees and ample greenery which adds to the charm of the place.

The beach encompasses a temple (Samudreshwar Temple), a Buddhist Pagoda and a Sufi Dargah too – and so an amalgamation of different religions and culture can be witnessed around here.

Additional Information for Visitors

The beach is located around 19 kms away from Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport and the best way to reach the beach from there would be by road and more preferably by private transport or taxi, as buses, though available are said to be a little sparse on this route.

The local train can also be taken to Borivali station, from where Manori beach, which is only 7kms away, can be reached by hiring an auto.

Best time to visit this beach is between the months of October and March as the weather is cool and pleasant, and the humidity levels are relatively less during these months.

Things to do nearby:

There are a number of sea-side restaurants and stalls near Manori beach that offer delicacies of all kinds, especially spicy Mumbaiya street food and sea foods made from fresh produce caught from the sea!

Manori Beach is also a popular fishing destination for the locals, and most of the catch from these is used for cooking at the food stalls.

Essel World and Water Kingdom, which are one of the most popular amusement parks in the country and one of the largest ones in Asia are located around 2 kms away from Manori Beach. If you have kids, this is a must-visit place, with a wide variety of water-based rides and attractions, that will appeal to children as well as adults.

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