Bareilly (also known as Bans-Bareilly) is a city in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh . It lies at around 70 km north of the river Ganges and has a view of the outer foothills of the Central Himalayan mountains.

Bareilly is located about half-way between Indian capital Delhi and another prominent North Indian city Lucknow (which is the capital of Uttar Pradesh state) and is an important railway and transportation hub between these 2 major cities. It is also well-connected to many other major cities in north India by rail, and also has a road route to the western part of the neighbouring country Nepal.


Bareilly is known for being a production center for cane (bans) furniture. The place is also famous for Zari Zardozi works (a kind of design work, done mostly on clothes) and crafts like Bamboo work, Surma manufacturing, Manjha Patang (Kite manufacturing) works. It is also a strategic location for India’s Airforce.

Some popular things to see and do in Bareilly include:

  • Fun City Amusement Park


  • Fort of Ahicchattra


  • Alakhnath Temple
  • TrivatiNath Temple
  • MadhiNath Temple
  • Dopeshwarnath
  • Dargah-e-AlaHazrat
  • Methodist Church


  • Army Service Corps. Museum
  • Panchala Museum
  • Gandhi Udyan
  • Phool Bagh
  • Ambedkar Park
  • Childrens’ Park


Bareilly’s population consists of a majority of Hindus (58.58% of the population), followed by Islam, which is the second most followed religion in the city (about 38.80% Muslims). So, most Hindu and Muslim festivals that are celebrated in India are celebrated in Bareilly also. These include:

  • Holi (festival of colors, celebrated in March)
  • Diwali (festival of light, celebrated in October-November)
  • Navratri, Dussehra and Durga Puja (A 10-day festival, when goddess Durga is worshipped and on the last day, an effigy of the 10-headed demon Raavana is burnt)
  • Chhath Puja (a festival dedicated to sun god/Surya)
  • Krishna-Janmashtami (dedicated to Hindu god Lord Krishna)
  • Mahashivratri (dedicated to Hindu god Lord Shiva)
  • Ramzan/Ramadan – Muslim festival month of fasting
  • Eid-Ul-Fitr (Muslim Festival of Breaking the Fast of Ramadan)


Bareilly has some good markets and shopping spots from where people can buy souvenirs and things like bamboo products and Camphor. Some popular shopping spots in the city are:

  • Bareilly Haat
  • Koharapeer Market
  • Urban Haat
  • Rajendra Nagar Market
  • Civil Lines
  • Bara Bazar


Bareilly has very few malls or high-end shopping complexes, and the most popular of them is:

  • Phoenix United Mall


Bareilly has a great street food scene and there are many delectable dishes in the city that are a must try, such as:

  • Aaloo ki Tikki (Yummy Potato cutlets made with local spices)
  • Pani Batashe (Pani Puri or Golgappe as it is known in the rest of the country – this is a street food that is dear to most people in India – and Bareilly’s Pani Batashe are something that cannot be missed out on)
  • Gajak (A dry sweet made of sesame seeds or peanuts and jaggery, shaped into squares)
  • Seekh Kebabs (Minced or chopped meat with chopped onions and other vegetables grilled on a skewer)
  • Nihari (A stew made with slow-cooked meat, like  beef or lamb, mutton, goat meat or chicken, along with bone marrow, and flavoured with a hot pepper)
  • Revdi (A sweetmeat made with jaggery, sesame seeds, peanut, cashew nuts, ghee, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg)


Some of the best restaurants and eateries in Bareilly where these dishes and a lot more can be tried are:

  • Chote Lal
  • Kipps
  • City Point
  • Host Restaurant
  • Crazy Point
  • Deenanath ki Mashoor Lassi
  • Chaman Chaat Bhandar
  • Kwality Restaurant
  • Aurum (fine-dining)


Bareilly has many good hotels for a comfortable stay. Here are some of the best hotels to stay at in Bareilly:

Luxury/High-End Hotels:

  • Hotel Radiance
  • The Manor by Leisure Hotels group
  • Sobti Continental Bareilly
  • Radisson Bareilly
  • Hotel Diplomat Residency
  • Hotel Royal Classic

Affordable Hotels:

  • Vasundhara Heights
  • D Grand (Oyo)
  • Krishna Residency
  • Vedanta Hotel
  • K. Bareilly Hotel
  • Hotel Maanya Palace

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