Jabalpur is a city in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is situated near the Narmada River – a significant and popular river in India.


Jabalpur is a lovely destination to travel with family or friends. There are many things to explore and things to do in the city. Here are some of the top attractions of Jabalpur to check out:

  • Dumna Nature Reserve –  A preserved area natural beauty, with many varieties of flora and fauna (such as wild boars, porcupines, jackals, leopard, spotted deer and various migratory birds); also, a good hangout/picnic spot with family or friends.
  • Dhuandhar Falls –  Located on Narmada River, this is a 10-meter-high waterfall - the Narmada River, runs through the popularly known ‘Bhedaghat Marble Rocks’, and then plunges into a waterfall that is known as Dhuandhar.
  • Bargi Dam –  A massive dam constructed on the river Narmada; it is used for irrigation projects and power generation, and also a tourist attraction.
  • Bhawartal Garden –  A public park with many slides, swings, toy trains and greenery all around; used by people for walking, jogging and Yoga sessions, and kids for playing around.


If you are planning a trip to Jabalpur, do not forget to pay a visit to these below listed places :

  • Madan Mahal Fort – A splendid 11th-century fort with an architectural beauty worth seeing; it also offers a beautiful view of the city.
  • Balancing Rock – A large rock balanced on a hill; this balance is said to have survived even an earthquake of 6.5 magnitudes!
  • Chausath Yogini Temple – A 10th century temple situated on a hillock and located between the Bhedaghat and the Dhuandhar Falls.
  • Pisanhari Ki Madiya – A Jain pilgrimage centre located amidst lush greenery in a beautiful hilly region in Jabalpur.


Some festivals that are celebrated majorly in Jabalpur include:

  • Narmada Jayanthi – This is believed to be the birth anniversary of goddess Narmada, the deity of Narmada River, who is dear to the people of Jabalpur. On this day, people worship river Narmada to bring peace and prosperity in their life, and the whole city is filled with saffron colour.
  • Dussehra – This is a popular 10-day Hindu festival celebrated all across India – the 10th day is called Dussehra and the previous nine days are celebrated as Navaratri; the effigy of demon Raavana is burnt on the day to Dussehra (symbolizing the destruction of evil) In this region it is referred to as Dussehra of Kymore – Katni.


Some of the best museums to visit in the city are:

  • Rani Durgavati Museum – A museum that has a display of safeguarded important possessions of ancient legendary rulers (especially of the Madhya Pradesh region).


Jabalpur is a modern city with multiple shopping complexes, markets and malls that cater to all kinds of shopping needs. Some souvenirs that can be bought in Jabalpur include Marble stone statues, Indian clothing and accessories. Here are some popular shopping spots to check out in the city.

  • Sadar Bazaar
  • Adhartal (for home décor, furnishings, dining needs, etc)
  • Kamaniya Gate
  • Ganjipura (for clothes, accessories, and fancy jewellery)


  • Treasure Island – One of the most popular malls in Jabalpur
  • South Avenue Mall
  • Samdareeya Mall


A rapid transit system, called the Jabalpur Metro Rail, is proposed for the city of Jabalpur in Jabalpur Metropolitan Region; it was announced on 13 March 2014 by the state’s chief minister. 5 routes are planned for this system, covering most of the prominent parts of the city.


Jabalpur has various popular local delicacies, and these provide a truly amazing gastronomical experience. Some of the must-try foods in Jabalpur include:

  • Dal Bafla – Wheat balls cooked in ghee, and served with a bowl of lentil stew and some green coriander chutney.
  • Bhutte ka Kees – A stew of grated corn cooked in skimmed milk and spices.
  • Pulav with Peas and carrots – Long grained rice cooked with peas, carrots, onions and spices like bay leaves, chillies, cloves, cardamom, pepper and cinnamon.
  • Khopra Paak – A fudge/sweet made of coconuts and milk solids (Khoya/Mawa) and flavoured with cardamom and saffron.
  • Khoya Jalebi – A spiral shaped sweet made of flour and grated khoya, deep fried in ghee/oil and dipped in saffron flavoured sugar syrup.


Following are some good restaurants in Jabalpur to try the local delicacies as well as other meals:

  • Asanzo
  • Kalchuri Residency Restaurant
  • Indian Coffee House
  • Panchvati Gaurav
  • Takht Hazara
  • 70 MM Dining
  • Wok N More (Chinese)


Jabalpur has many good hotels for a comfortable stay. Here are some of the best places to stay at in Jabalpur:

  • Shawn Elizey
  • Vijan Mahal
  • Narmada Jacksons
  • Samdariya Inn
  • Hotel Prince Viraj
  • Hotel Neelkanth
  • City Inn Hotel & Restaurant


Jabalpur also has some good nightclubs and bars such as:

  • Tiger Hunt
  • Vini’s Bar
  • Madhuban Bar
  • Yogi Bar
  • 10 Downing Bar


  • Jabalpur STD Code – 0761 (to be used before dialling numbers from a number that is not locally registered)
  • Police - 100
  • Fire - 101
  • Ambulance - 108
  • Code Red - 7049112341-44
  • Red Cross - 0761-2626106
  • Child Helpline - 1098


Hindi is the official language of Jabalpur/


  • Welcome - Svagat
  • How are you? - Aap kaise hai?
  • What's your name? - Aapka naam kya hai?
  • I don't know - Mujhe nahi pata
  • I don't understand - Mein samjha nahi
  • Thank you - Dhanyavad

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