Pune, formerly known as poona is a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Pune is home to the grand Aga Khan Palace which was built in 1892 and now serves as a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi, whose ashes are preserved in the garden.

Pune is the second largest city (after Mumbai) in the state of Maharashtra. The city is also known for cultural activities like classical music, spirituality, theatre, sports, and literature.

Places to Visit in Pune

One of the most beautiful cities of India and one of the best to live in, Pune is dotted with stunning landscapes, marvelous architecture, ancient religious places, romantic gardens, and all the places to have some devilish fun at night. A charming personification of modernity mixed with culture and heritage that adds to its appeal, Pune has several attractions that are a must-visit and demand your full attention. Out of the many places to visit in Pune, here are some of the best places to visit in Pune to cater to your wanderlust soul.

Best Places in Pune – Forts and Palaces

Best Places in Pune – Museums

Best Places in Pune – Religious Sites

Best Places in Pune – Gardens and Hills


Pune is a beautiful city which offers so much that it could take days for one to explore completely. But here are some of the top activities in Pune that one can indulge in:


If you are someone who doesn't like to waste time in sleeping at night, than Pune has got hundreds of pubs and night-clubs for you which does not shut till 4am. Some of them are listed below:


Shopping is an important part of the overall experience of traveling to any place. The markets in Pune are popular for street-shopping, furniture, accessories, readymade garments and many more!

Some of the best spots for shopping in Pune are:


A true shopaholic needs no excuse or season to shop. Shopping in Pune is definitely a treat when you have got some of the best malls around you. Popular Shopping malls include:


The city is a paradise for all the nature lovers. Pune is most famous for its numerous gardens spread around the city. Some of them includes Saras Baug, Pune Okayama Friendship Garden, Bund Garden, Shunyo Par, Empress Garden, Tathawade Park, Peshwa Udyan and many more!


When, you're in Pune, don’t forget to try below listed delicacies:


Visit these below listed religious places to make your journey memorable.


Pune is the hub of cultural diversity that hosts a number of unique festivals for visitors and locals to enjoy. Some of the great festivals to enjoy in the city:


Pune has a lot of attractions and iconic restaurants is one of them. Pune has many rooftop restaurants where you can enjoy food with a beautiful scenic view of the city. Some of the best restaurants are:


If you are someone who likes to be pampered when you are away from home, than consider below listed hotels that are luxuorious:

The city has a number of affortable hotels too:


Museums are the best places to know the history and culture of a city. Scroll down to know the best museums:


Pune Metro is a rapid transit system that is still under construction. As of December 2019, the system comprised 3 lines with a total length of 54.58 km. Lines 1 and 2 are under construction and are expected to be operational in 2021.



Marathi is the main language of Pune. But, languages like English, Hindi and Gujarati are spoken as well.





A city endowed with a breathtaking greenery and natural bounties, Pune is a city of romance, vibrant culture, rich history, and spellbinding views that lures a hoard of visitors to its lap and hypnotize them with its magical charm.

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